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  • By purchasing or acquiring this avatar, you automatically understand and agree to all the information provided in this page, as well as the Terms of Service below and my refund policy.
  • This avatar has two versions, read the entire description and select the version you would like before buying it!
  • This model is meant to be VRChat ready, but can be used in games like Beat Saber, Chillout VR, NeosVR, LIV, VSeeFace, etc.
  • This avatar and its product description may receive updates.
  • Please do not ask me how to upload it to VRChat, there are many good guides you can find out there.
  • Before purchasing, you must try the public VRChat clonable avatar. For Chillout VR, you should be able to find by searching "Nardoragon" in game.


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3D Preview (Legacy Texture)


  • Unity Packages (which include Prefabs or Scenes setup ready to be edited and exported into VRChat, ChilloutVR, or VSeeFace).
  • Substance Painter (8.3.1 - 2022), Photoshop (with UV guide layer) and Blender (3.6) files.
  • 4 and 5 Fingers Bases have 49,616 and 50,968 Polygons / Good VRChat Performance Rank.
  • Quest Version (Base has 19,416 Polygons / Poor VRChat Performance Rank).
  • VRChat Face Tracking (Unified Expressions Blendshapes).
  • Alternative 5 Fingers Version.
  • GogoLoco (locomotion feature made by franada, modified by ZexisZexc).

Basic Version contains:

  • VRChat Physbones' setup in Hair, Ears, Fluff, Toes, and Tail.
  • Mouth Visemes and +10 Gestures (including MMD).
  • Customizations: Color Shift, Brightness Slider, Female Toggle, Forked Tongue, Narrow Pupils, Fluff Size, Alt Teeth and Feet, Thick Body, Chumby, Fangs, and Long Tongue.
  • Body Controls: Tail Wag, Puppets (Tail, Tongue, Toes, and Ears Controls), Toe Grab, and Breathing.
  • Interactions: Headpat, Eye Poke, Squishy Cheeks, Face Stretch, Boop/Little Sneeze, Ears Twitch, and Cheese.

Expanded Version adds the following Items as Prefabs:

  • Hoodie (8,092 Polygons), with Hood Off/Hidden, Crop Top, and Hide Sleeves toggles, and interactable Strings physbones.
  • Shorts (1,860 Polygons).
  • Glasses. (2,922 Polygons), with interactable physbone.
  • Custom Hair Style A (790 Polygons) and Custom Hair Style B (2,400 Polygons).
  • Antlers (1,112 Polygons).
  • Warmers (14,996 Polygons), with different customization toggles.
  • Whiskers (912 Polygons), with interactable physbones.

Requirements and Resources

  • Unity 2022.3.22f1 and the knowledge to upload it to VRChat.

  • Creator Companion (For VRChat) / CCK (For Chillout VR). /

  • Poiyomi Toon Shader (9.0.57 or latest).

  • VRCFury (1.970.0 or latest).

  • For Face Tracking: Pawlygon Template (1.3.1 or latest).

  • Dynamic Bones (Only if you are importing to Chillout VR. Not required for VRChat).

Terms of Service

By purchasing or acquiring the Nardoragon product, you automatically agree that you have read, understood, and accepted the following terms of service:

For anyone who legally own the product, you may:

  • Use the avatar for VTubing.
  • Edit the model for personal use.
  • Make VRChat public/clonable avatars of this model.
  • Sell custom texture commissions as long as the product is legally owned by all pertinent parties, including sellers, workers, and customers.
  • Sell accessory/garment you created for the avatar as long as all relevant parties, including sellers, workers, and customers, possess legal ownership of the product, and none of the Nardoragon files or related to it can be provided.

You may not:

  • Use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Take credit for the avatar or omit proper credit when using or posting it.
  • Make any form of artwork that bears any tracing resemblance to this avatar, which includes drawing, modeling, texturing, sculpting, and other related activities.
  • Share or disseminate any files provided or associated with the product to any individual or platform where individuals do not possess legal ownership of it, even if it is modified.
  • Share or disseminate any modified version of the product, including those incorporating third-party assets, unless all relevant parties legally own it, as well as the ones related to the modification, and that the said assets adhere to the same Terms of Service.
  • Sell any of the files provided or related to the avatar, including kitbashes, edits, or modifications thereof.
  • Proceed to take any action that is not authorized by me or that is not explicitly outlined in this Terms of Service that relates to the avatar in any manner.
  • Engage in illegal acquisition, theft, or any illicit means to obtain copies of the Nardoragon files or anything related to it.
  • Share any License Key that is provided from any purchase of this avatar.
  • Use this avatar in any form of dehumanization, including but not limited to racism, hate speech, homophobia, etc., as well as engaging in illegal or inappropriate acts.
  • Upload or add the avatar to an account within an application where the account holder does not have legal ownership of the avatar, regardless of any modifications to it.

I, the creator of this product, reserve the rights to:

  • Maintain credits for this avatar in any and all contexts in which it is used. Nevertheless, I disclaim responsibility for any inappropriate or illegal uses thereof.
  • Use it for advertisement, games, media, or any other form of content.
  • Terminate any permissions, licenses, or agreements related to the product by providing written notice to you and any individual or entity involved. Upon receiving the notice, all the parties involved must immediately cease any ongoing work, development, sale, or content creation related to the product, and must refrain from any further use of the product.
  • Take appropriate legal action or social sanction against users found in violation of these terms.

You hereby acknowledge and agree that:

  • You must credit the artist properly when posting or using the model.
  • You are allowed to make or sell drawing/painting/fursona/fursuits of the avatar, as long as it is not traced or stolen.
  • You are required to seek permission and clarification from me in the event that you engage in any activities not explicitly addressed or clarified within the Terms of Service, or if uncertainty arises regarding the permissibility of a particular action.
  • Any permissions, licenses, exception, or allowances personally granted by me to an individual are exclusive to that specific recipient for whom they were expressly given and it does not extend to others.
  • I disclaim responsibility for any misuse of this product and absolve myself from any liability for damages, harm, losses, or adverse outcomes that may arise due to the existence or use of this product.
  • These terms and description are subject to change anytime without notice.
  • You must read all the information provided in the download page and Nardoragon FAQ before asking anything.
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Last updated Dec 19, 2023

Fluffy Dragon base model for VRChat and Content Creation

SDK 3.0 Avatar Package for VRChat
Fullbody Compatible
Face Tracking Blendshapes
VRM/VSeeFace Package for Streaming
SSP, PSD, Blender Files Included
Alternative 5 Fingers Version
CCK Avatar Package for Chillout VR
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Nardoragon (VRChat Avatar)

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