Nardoragon (VRChat Avatar)

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Nardoragon (VRChat Avatar)

770 ratings


  • This avatar has two versions, read the entire description and select the version you would like before buying it! It is not refundable.
  • This model is meant to be VRChat ready, but can be used in games like Beat Saber, Chillout VR, NeosVR, LIV, VSeeFace, etc.
  • This avatar may receive updates.
  • Please do not ask me how to upload it to VRChat, there are many guides out there you can find.


You can find and test the public clonable (expanded) version in my VRChat World. For Chillout VR, you should be able to find by searching "Nardoragon" in game.

VRChat World

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3D Preview of the avatar


How to Upload to VRChat and Chillout VR

VRChat TutorialChillout VR Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Unity Packages (with a scene setup ready to be edited and exported into VRChat, ChilloutVR, and VSeeFace).
  • Substance Painter, Photoshop (with UV guide layer) and Blender files.
  • Fullbody Compatible.
  • Medium Performance Rank.
  • Polygons: 50,408 (Basic) and 67,512 (Expanded).
  • Quest Version (Basic: Medium Perf. / Expanded: Very Poor Perf.).
  • ARKit and Vive Facial Tracking Blendshapes.
  • Alternative 5 Fingers Version.

Basic version contains:

  • Dynamic bones (VRChat Phys) in hair, ears, fluff, and tail.
  • Mouth visemes and +10 gestures (including MMD).
  • Customizations: color shift, female version, forked tongue, narrow pupil, fluff size and fangs.
  • Body Controls: tail wag and it’s speed, tail puppet, ears puppet, toe grab, and breathing.

Expanded version adds the following toggeables:

  • Hoodie (with an option to toggle hood on and off).
  • Shorts (with a toggle to make it shorter).
  • Glasses.
  • Custom Hair (with two styles).
  • Antlers.

Requirements and Resources

  • Unity 2019.4.31f1 and the knowledge to upload it to VRChat.


  • SDK 3.0 (For VRChat) OR CCK (For Chillout VR).

https://vrchat.com/home/download / https://documentation.abinteractive.net/cck/setup/

  • Poiyomi Toon Shader.


  • Dynamic Bones (Only if you are importing to Chillout VR. Not required for VRChat).


Terms of Service

By purchasing this avatar, you may respectfully please agree to the following terms of service:

You may:

  • Use the avatar for streaming and Youtube videos.
  • Edit the model for personal use.
  • Credit the artist properly when using the model.
  • Make VRChat public/clonable avatars of this model.
  • Sell custom texture commissions as long as both you and the client legally own the avatar.
  • Sell accessory/garment you created for the avatar, but none of the Nardoragon files can be provided (except partial rigging).
  • Make or sell drawing/fursona of the species (It is a fluffy dragon, an open species).

You may not:

  • Use this avatar for commercial purposes.
  • Take credit for the avatar.
  • Share any of the files provided to people who do not legally own the model, even if it is modified.
  • Share any modification version of the avatar that used third-party assets, unless both ends legally own the related files.
  • Share your License Key.
  • Use this avatar in any form of dehumanization (racism, hate speech, homophobia, etc.).

You understand that:

  • I reserve the rights to keep the credits of the model and use it for advertisement, games, media, or any other form of content.
  • I am not responsible for any misuse of the model.
  • These terms and description are subject to change anytime without notice.

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Fluffy Dragon base model for VRChat and Content Creation

SDK 3.0 Avatar Package for VRChat
Fullbody Compatible
Face Tracking Blendshapes
VRM/VSeeFace Package for Streaming
SSP, PSD, Blender Files Included
Alternative 5 Fingers Version
CCK Avatar Package for Chillout VR


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